The soul needs to speak
as surely as
the body needs to breathe

What is Spiritual Direction?

Additional Information

"The goal of Spiritual Direction is to help individuals  name and claim their personal experience of God."  (Charlotte Spirituality Center) 

"The  core mission of spiritual companionship is helping others recall their  true essence, however they might perceive it. And although it can be described as a journey of discovery, in some ways it is more of a  process of unveiling and revealing what has already been there." (Listen  magazine)

Spiritual  Direction is a counseling relationship designed to cultivate our innate spirituality in order to live a more grounded, meaningful life. While a Spiritual Director receives special training, the relationship is one of equal partners in a journey together.

My  approach to deepening a connection with The Divine is consistent with  science. I engage in deep listening. I came from a place that doubted God's very existence, and am keenly aware of the many different ways to  describe or understand what is essentially indescribable and beyond  understanding - The Divine. 

Elements  that influence my views on Spiritual Direction include Positive Psychology, meditation and creative expression, especially writing and  journaling. While  in some ways similar to Coaching, Coaching tends to rely on planning  and creating action steps to accomplish specific goals. Knowing where  you want to go and how you will get there is a bit like the outermost  ring of Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual Direction is rooted in listening, observing, and asking the right question at the right moment. Coaching assumes you know where you want to go. Spiritual Direction is committed to the journey of discovering and deepening your most meaningful connections.

You may understand that you are seeking a  closer relationship with God. You may be uncomfortable talking about  "God," but you long to understand what it might mean for you if you  were able to establish a level of deep peace, meaning and purpose in your life.

Spiritual  Direction is a journey of discovery and connection, a journey of finding and making meaning.