The soul needs to speak
as surely as
the body needs to breathe

About me


General Background

I have been a word lover and a writer my entire life.  

I've lived in NC more than 35 years and in Charlotte since 2000. I have  been married to Rick since 1985 and we have two sons (grown and  flourishing) and one dog. Scout is a retired greyhound and, besides  being a complete couch potato, enjoys working with me as a therapy dog.  

My professional writing experience includes working as a reporter for The Charleston Gazette, writing copy for Better Homes & Gardens Real  Estate and writing for the West Virginia Youth Coalition.  

My publications are found HERE.  

A variety of other endeavors complement my years as a writer and stay-at-home Mom. I have worked as:

  • a licensed massage therapist in Florida
  • a volunteer, lay chaplain at Wesley Long Hospital in Greensboro, NC
  • an actor, both professionally and in community theater.
  • a reading tutor for adults and children, specializing in reading disabilities.

While varied in scope, the common denominator to all my work is living from my heart and fostering communication and connection.  

As a young adult, I thought becoming a lawyer would serve my passion to connect with others and support people in need. Even though I was admitted to the Maryland state Bar in 1983, I found my day to  day experience in legal work deeply analytical and minimally personal.  

I have found that writing is a  perfect vocation and avocation for me.  Both my brain and my heart have opportunities for full engagement.

I completed Health & Wellness Coach training through Wellcoaches in 2017. I had lost nearly 50 pounds and was excited about discovering a process that, after a life of weight challenge, finally worked! However, I soon found this coaching focus narrower than I prefer. Goals are important, especially moving toward a healthy body, but the sweet spot for me is in deeper exploration of meaning and purpose.

Spiritual Direction opens that door for me and those who want to walk that path together. It is more a partnership of discovery than a relationship of hierarchy.   


Education, Training & Certifications


  • The Charlotte Spirituality Center - Spiritual Direction (currently studying)

  • Wellcoaches,  2017

  • Goddard College, MFA  2011 

  • Certification AWA Method, 2008 

  • CORE Institute of Massage Therapy, 1997

  • National Law Center, George Washington University, J.D., 1982 

  • Vassar College, Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa, B.A., 1978 

Religious Community Affiliaton

Temple Beth El,  a Reform Jewish  Congregation -  member since 2000.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Additional Information

 "The goal of Spiritual Direction is to help individuals  name and claim their personal experience of God."  (Charlotte Spirituality Center)   

"The  core mission of spiritual companionship is helping others recall their  true essence, however they might perceive it. And although it can be described as a journey of discovery, in some ways it is more of a  process of unveiling and revealing what has already been there." (Listen  magazine)  

Spiritual  Direction is a counseling relationship designed to cultivate our innate spirituality in order to live a more grounded, meaningful life. While a Spiritual Director receives special training, the relationship is one of equal partners in a journey together.   

My  approach to deepening a connection with The Divine is consistent with  science. I engage in deep listening. I came from a place that doubted God's very existence, and am keenly aware of the many different ways to  describe or understand what is essentially indescribable and beyond  understanding - The Divine.   

Elements  that influence my views on Spiritual Direction include Positive Psychology, meditation and creative expression, especially writing and  journaling. While  in some ways similar to Coaching, Coaching tends to rely on planning  and creating action steps to accomplish specific goals. Knowing where  you want to go and how you will get there is a bit like the outermost  ring of Spiritual Direction.  

Spiritual Direction is rooted in listening, observing, and asking the right question at the right moment. Coaching assumes you know where you want to go. Spiritual Direction is committed to the journey of discovering and deepening your most meaningful connections.   

You may understand that you are seeking a  closer relationship with God. You may be uncomfortable talking about  "God," but you long to understand what it might mean for you if you  were able to establish a level of deep peace, meaning and purpose in your life.   

Spiritual  Direction is a journey of discovery and connection, a journey of finding and making meaning. 


What is Amherst Writers & Artists Method?


Listening & Responding Guidelines


  1. Honor the writer by listening carefully.   

  2. We are invited to respond to the work of our fellow writers with what we like, what stays with us, what moves us, but not to make suggestions of how to make the work stronger or ask questions for clarity.    

  3. Refer to the narrator, character or speaker as the voice of the piece, not "the author" or "you."
  4. We are free to write what we want; we may accept or reject the exercises offered.    

  5. We treat everything as fiction.

  6. We stick to the writing, avoiding our own anecdotes or asides.   
  7. Writing is healing, but this is not a therapy group.
  8. Maintain confidentiality.  

The Five Essential Affirmations


  1. Everyone has a strong, unique voice.    
  2. Everyone is born with creative genius.     

  3. Writing as an art form belongs to all people, regardless of economic class or education level.       
  4. The teaching of craft can be done without damage to a writer's original voice or artistic self-esteem.  
  5. A writer is someone who writes.