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Play with Words
Find your Voice
Speak your Truth

The soul needs to speak,

As surely as the body needs to eat. 

Find the words  . . . .

Words to Wings
Writing Workshops for Women

Using the Amherst Writers & Artists Method

Amherst Writers & Artists  welcomes writers of all skill levels and genres. Workshops provide safety and support, helping you grow as a writer.

  Each week we write together as a group; creative prompts are always given but may be completely ignored. Writers benefit from both receiving and providing unique AWA-style feedback . 

Whether you are published and confident or a self-doubting newbie, the AWA method provides the magic.

  • Small Groups
  • Personal Attention
  • Creative Inspiration
  •  Fresh Bread

The comfort and safety of AWA workshops is unique.  You can read some comments from participants on the testimonials page, but let me share one story from a fellow AWA workshop leader.

One woman, who has written privately since she was small and is now 50, called ahead to say she would come and enjoy the writing exercises, but that she would not read aloud.  Not even her family has seen or heard one piece of her writing, apparently volumes, and stored in private places.  I consider the greatest success of the day the fact that, after explaining what we were doing and how we would do it, she read aloud from the beginning and did not hold back once. 

It is important to note that no one is rquired to read their work. Most participants are quite anxious about reading, but the AWA process creates  a feeling of safety that most writers have never experienced before.

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Perhaps I'll meet you soon at one of my workshops or retreats!
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