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AWA Writers Circle

Would you like more feedback on your work, or simply want to be part of a community of AWA-trained writers?

If you are currently enrolled in a workshop, or have taken a workshop with Ellen at either The Retreat or the Public Library, you can join the AWA Writers Circle.

Ellen is offering  members space at The Retreat each week to write together, ask for group feedback, or just be with a community of writers for awhile. There is no fee for this, but weekly "what you can afford" donations are welcome.

Additionally, members can access the online version of The Circle, through our
Office Live Workspace page. You may post work, read  work from other community members, or offer feedback.

FEEDBACK NOTEONLY AWA-style feedback may be offered UNLESS a writer has requested a different form of feedback.

To get more information or to join The Circle,
email Ellen. If you become a member, I will supply you with the login information and meeting times.

By visiting The Circle, online or in person, you are agreeing to abide by AWA guidelines and to always treat others with respect. Violators may have their membership revoked.

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