Ellen Judith Reich


Play with Words
Find your Voice
Speak your Truth

Read, Write, Grow


  • Reading
    I specialize in dyslexia or suspected dyslexia and use Orton- Gillingham-based methods. I am trained in Wilson Reading, Barton Reading & Spelling and LiPS (Lindamoode Bell Phoneme Sequencing).

  • Writing

  • English as a Foreign Language

All ages & all abilities. Individual or small group instruction.

 Editing Services
  • Creative Writing

  • Academic Writing

  • Business Writing

  • Resumes & Letters
  Writing Group Facilitator:

Do you belong to a writing group? Would you like to be part of one?

Sadly, writers of all stripes are often turned off by writing groups. In self guided groups, constructive feedback can slip into cutting comments; insecurity can sound like arrogance. Best intentions to grow as writers are easily undercut by human nature.

A professional writing group facilitator is the answer. Leave the group dynamics to me and concentrate on your writing. You want to leave anxiety at home and be thrilled to go to every meeting.

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